The Whitefield Players 2014 Calendar

This summer we performed the variety show “A Year to Remember”. This Christmas we will be producing calendars with photos taken from your favourite moments of the show, keep checking back to find out when they will be available.

A Year to Remember

This week The Whitefield Players are performing their annual summer variety show “A Year to Remember” from Thursday 13th June through Saturday 15th June, show starts at 7.30 and doors open at 7.00. Get their early if you still need to get your tickets!

A Year to Remember – Evening Post

A laughter packed evening of fun for all ages that’s what this small community theatre group try to provide every year so come along to Horfield United Reform Church on Muller Road/Downend Road Horfield at 7.30 on Friday or Saturday night and enjoy the show. Tickets cost just £6 and can be booked on 07702997440.

This annual summer show will provide a great nights entertainment for all. With songs and original comedy sketches combined with some old favourites to mark each month of the year. Tickets cost only £6. Why not bring a light supper to enjoy during the interval? Tables will be provided.

Flying to Neverland

In this years Christmas pantomime, The Whitefield Players took a trip to Neverland with Peter, Wendy, John, Michael and of course Nanna (portrayed in human form by Steve Talbot). Here is the recording of the flight to meet the lost men – ahem, sorry boys -, the Indians and take on the evil Captain Hook.

Any resemblance to other Peter Pan films is purely coincidental.

2013 Christmas Panto – Peter Pan

Come and see our annual panto, Peter Pan which opens in 3 weeks from 30th January to 2nd February at 7.30. For the first time we will be doing a matinee performance on Saturday 2nd from 2.30.

Players mark 10th year with ‘Best of’

You realise a ‘pop band’ has been around for quite a few years when a ‘Best of’ compilation of their ‘Greatest Hits’ appears.

The Whitefield Players, who present their shows in the Horfield United Reformed Church, believe this, the year of their 10th anniversary, is an ideal time to cash in on this quick nostalgia trend and present a show made up from many of the best bits from the shows they have presented over the past decade.

For a title they have selected “Oh Yes We Did”, which reflects the fact that they started with a pantomime and still draw some of their biggest audiences from presenting this ever popular form of theatre.

Tracy Rogers, who has been involved with the company from the very beginning, is in charge of proceedings with Loretta Hedges ensuring that the musical side of the show is up to standard, as she does regularly for The Northavon Youth Theatre productions.

Loretta will also take care of the accompaniment for the show which boasts a cast of more than 40, ranging in age from four to 83.

Those figures reflect the club’s policy of encouraging the younger element, while, at the same time, making full use of the older members whenever possible.

Very much aware of the other things that are on offer to the public this summer, The Whitefield Players have chosen June 3, 4 and 5 for their production dates, which gets them in just before the vast majority of the public become glued to their television screens watching the World Cup.

If you would like to join this enthusiastic group for their 10th anniversary production Oh Yes We Did, ring 0117 951 3321 for tickets.

Community Strength Lies in Teamwork

The Whitefield Players present Passport to the World: Horfield URC, Bristol.

Community theatre, in the true sense, can take many forms. Sometimes it’s a lavish presentation of a well-known work involving hundreds of people. On other occasions, like this one, it has been put together club members hoping to make the best use of the talent around them.

As the show’s title suggests, we were taken on a world cruise in words and music in a show written, produced and directed by Tracy Rogers and Tim Scaplehorn. This format gave musical director Loretta Hedges a chance to raid many famous shows and films, as well as mixing modern numbers with the old George Formby favourite Mr Wu.

Most of the 29 people on stage has a chance at one time or another to step into the spotlight in either one of the musical selections or the original comedy sketches.

There were several good solo inputs but the real strength lay in the teamwork. The Miss Saigon sequence, which ended in an attempt to reproduce the spectacular helicopter landing, involved all backstage teams as much as those on stage.

When given the opportunity the audience also readily became part of the team. As son as they were invited to they joined in American Pie with relish, helping to bring this True Brit Community Theatre to a rousing conclusion.

Drama Group Stages It’s Fifth Panto

A drama group from Horfield is putting on a production of Sleeping Beauty this week.

The Whitefield Players at the Horfield United Reformed Church, also known as the Whitefield Memorial Tabernacle, based in Muller Road will be staging the pantomime from Wednesday until Saturday.

The group has 30 members ranging in age from one to 70.

The young Sleeping Beauty is played by one-year-old Katie Rose – the granddaughter of director Tracy Rogers. The older Sleeping Beauty is to be played by 15-year-old Katherine Legg, who is from Horfield.

Spokesman and chorus member Alison Kinnersley, from Horfield, said: “This is our fifth pantomime and we though that performing Sleeping Beauty would be a bit of fun.

“We’ve got fairies and dancers and all sorts – it’s going to be brilliant and I think it will appeal to all ages.”

The show starts at 7.30 and tickets, priced £4 for adults and £3 for concessions, are available on the door before performances.