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Knock Knock Who’s There

Script by Stardust Scripts Knock Knock, Who’s There is based on writer Tracy’s real-life ghost hunting experience at Woodchester Manor in Gloucestershire. Many of the hilarious events really happened and the experience was such fun that I decided to write about it. I hope you will enjoy the evening as much as I did! [ngg_images…
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Script by Stardust Scripts – photos to follow soon – The cast of Aladdin sing Reach!

Peter Pan

So we don’t have the stage to be able to fly cast around, not to mention the stage manager wasn’t keen on being the ballast for the Dame. So the director wanted to video the flight to Neverland.

Old Time Music Hall 2012

The king of ad-lib returns to compère another Olde Music Hall with sketches from ancient Egyptian digs to ventriloquism.

TV Mayhem

Our first attempt at a video shoot with green screen

A Night at the Oscars

Our own take and reenactment of our favourite moves and TV shows. More Star Trek, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the mischievous St Trinian’s

Treasure Island

Click here to get the script from Stardust Scripts Another one of Tracy’s pantomimes about treasure, islands and cut throat pirates

Old Time Music Hall 2006

A reprise of the old time music hall with more traditional songs and sketches. May day, Cautionary Tales and the Ballard of Jack the Ripper

Jack and the Beanstalk

Script by Stardust Scripts Our Stage Manager’s first stage appearance (apart from when picking something up the cast have dropped), as yep, the back end of Buttercup the Cow!

Oh Brittannia

Celebration of Britain’s history, myths and legends. This show opened with our first attempt of a video with a picture slideshow showing the history of Britain with Billy Joel’s In the Beginning.